Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Rare Dilute Turquoise Parrotlet

The Dilute Turquoise is the smallest parrot species in the world but with the biggest personality. Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrot breeds in America mostly referred to as “pocket parrots”. They are about five and a half inches in length with a short tail. Their origin has been reported to be South and Central America. There are seven species of parrotlets and of these, only three of these species are kept as pets.

The dilute turquoise is very rare to find. They are only bred when the American Yellow parrotlet and a Blue Turquoise male parrotlet copulate. The offspring of these two birds will yield a Turquoise parrotlet to an occasional Yellow American Split. When the offspring is female and, of mature breeding age it is then paired up with a white American male. Hence, yielding the parrotlet Turquoise parrotlets. This is the reason the Dilute Turquoise is very rare to find and mostly found in captivity.

In the wild, parrotlets mostly travel in flocks, where the number ranges from only a few to hundreds of parrotlets depending on the species. Generally, these parrotlets are mostly green, however, thanks to selective breeding color mutation have been achieved and now, these beautiful parrotlets come in a variety of colors; blue, green, yellow, pied, turquoise, pastel, fallow, albino, white, and lutino.

How do you distinguish a male Dilute Turquoise Parrotlet from a female? These parrotlets are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females have different appearances. To distinguish a male or a female, simply look at the color of their feathers. The males have blue eye streaks, royal blue wing rump, and tip, while the females lack the royal blue markings on their wings and are mostly solid in color.

These parrotlets though small, have similar traits to large parrots and even think bigger than their size. These little birds have a big personality with the ability to show genuine affections for their owners making them a great pet for many. They are very friendly and playful and enjoy a lot of attention; they enjoy being scratched, handled and petted. Parrotlets are highly curious, intelligent and active thus, they must be provided with plenty of opportunities to exercise and play so as to prevent boredom.

Since they are quiet bird unlike other parrots that are loud, this parrotlets can be trained how to talk and perform tricks. The Dilute Turquoise can learn more than 15 words on average and even whistle songs well. However, having the ability to speak does not mean this birds will speak, the parrotlets do well when they are treated as a member of a family and considered loyal pets.

The Dilute Turquoise is biologically a vegetarian species. By so, they should be fed vegetarian diets that are regularly supplemented with vegetarian proteins. They feed well when foods are introduced to them at a young age, if you own a Dilute Turquoise, ensure that they always have seed and Millet spray in their cages at all times then limit it as a treat as they grow. If fed well and given daily happiness, parrotlets have a lifespan of 15 years and more.

The Dilute Turquoise is a great pet. Not only do they bring life and add color to your home, but they are also great companions and loyal pets known to form lifelong bonds. Ensure you do your homework before you purchase one to ensure you provide the parrot with the best environment and care they need.