Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Understanding The Genetic Makeup of The Turquoise Pied Parrotlet

Xtreem Parrotlets have been breeding turquoise pied parrotlets for the past 16 years. Whenever you see a turquoise parrotlet, no matter what type, it is probably one of ours. In this article, I attempt to explain more about the genetic of turquoise pied parrotlets. 

The turquoise gene is a dominant gene and is also an incomplete blue gene. The turquoise gene is actually a dominant blue gene which is incomplete. In other words, it is at its half way point in development. 

We also breed several different kinds of turquoise parrotlets. We have developed turquoise pieds with several different colors available to them, meaning they are turquoise with yellow markings, fallow markings, white markings and various shades of turquoise markings throughout the entire bird. To develop such a parrotlet it takes several years. Our turquoise pieds are famous and are in demand around the entire world. We have a huge waiting list literally from people around the world and here in the USA for our turquoise pied parrotlets.

We now have turquoise pieds that are fallow which we have crossbred our multicolored turquoise pied with the fallow. This allows us to further change the color of our turquoise pieds thus giving us a very rare turquoise pied. The fallow gene changes the color patterns even further than we ready have, allowing us to have one of the rarest and exotic parrotlets in the USA today. We are now working on shaded coloring in our turquoise pieds and also the turquoise fallow pied. We now have turquoise pieds as well as turquoise fallow pieds with this new shaded coloring available.

We are now working on turquoise pied shaded parrotlets, we are now incorporating pale and or pastel type coloring into our turquoise pieds, and we are always working on something new whether it be in coloring or breeding techniques or anything that has to do with the health and beauty of our birds.

Geared for our clients here in the US as well as our clients around the world. We are now worldwide, we have done press releases and can be seen on Fox News ABC news NBC news websites and many others. We also have a Facebook page displaying many of our turquoise pied parrotlets, fallow mutation parrotlets, as well as full turquoise and dilute turquoise parrotlets. So check out our Facebook page as well as our Hoobly classifieds, which is another avenue of our extensive advertisement adds online.

The turquoise pied is our cornerstone bird. We put many years into its breeding and we are in its fifth generation. Giving us our pedigree bloodline which is now famous throughout the US and also worldwide. We actually have a worldwide waiting list for our turquoise pied parrotlets. We cannot create enough turquoise pied parrotlets to keep up with our demand. Xtreem Parrotlet breeders take the necessary time that it takes to create a healthy/beautiful, turquoise pied parrotlet. The health of all our parrotlets comes first and for most. We have employed an avian vet who checks out our flock on a regular time schedule to make sure that the health of the entire flock is good. 

We now challenge you to explore our website made exclusively with our clients in mind. For those who are looking for proper diet and nutrition as well as health issues and first-aid for parrotlets this website is a resource tool, also, there are many videos on our turquoise pied parrotlets as well as all of our parrotlets which are fun to look at and informative as well. There is much to learn and much to see there so check it out. 

Thank you for your time spent on the site have a great day!! Billy Xtreem.