Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Rare Dilute Turquoise Parrotlet

The Dilute Turquoise is the smallest parrot species in the world but with the biggest personality. Parrotlets are one of the smallest parrot breeds in America mostly referred to as “pocket parrots”. They are about five and a half inches in length with a short tail. Their origin has been reported to be South and Central America. There are seven species of parrotlets and of these, only three of these species are kept as pets.

The dilute turquoise is very rare to find. They are only bred when the American Yellow parrotlet and a Blue Turquoise male parrotlet copulate. The offspring of these two birds will yield a Turquoise parrotlet to an occasional Yellow American Split. When the offspring is female and, of mature breeding age it is then paired up with a white American male. Hence, yielding the parrotlet Turquoise parrotlets. This is the reason the Dilute Turquoise is very rare to find and mostly found in captivity.

In the wild, parrotlets mostly travel in flocks, where the number ranges from only a few to hundreds of parrotlets depending on the species. Generally, these parrotlets are mostly green, however, thanks to selective breeding color mutation have been achieved and now, these beautiful parrotlets come in a variety of colors; blue, green, yellow, pied, turquoise, pastel, fallow, albino, white, and lutino.

How do you distinguish a male Dilute Turquoise Parrotlet from a female? These parrotlets are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females have different appearances. To distinguish a male or a female, simply look at the color of their feathers. The males have blue eye streaks, royal blue wing rump, and tip, while the females lack the royal blue markings on their wings and are mostly solid in color.

These parrotlets though small, have similar traits to large parrots and even think bigger than their size. These little birds have a big personality with the ability to show genuine affections for their owners making them a great pet for many. They are very friendly and playful and enjoy a lot of attention; they enjoy being scratched, handled and petted. Parrotlets are highly curious, intelligent and active thus, they must be provided with plenty of opportunities to exercise and play so as to prevent boredom.

Since they are quiet bird unlike other parrots that are loud, this parrotlets can be trained how to talk and perform tricks. The Dilute Turquoise can learn more than 15 words on average and even whistle songs well. However, having the ability to speak does not mean this birds will speak, the parrotlets do well when they are treated as a member of a family and considered loyal pets.

The Dilute Turquoise is biologically a vegetarian species. By so, they should be fed vegetarian diets that are regularly supplemented with vegetarian proteins. They feed well when foods are introduced to them at a young age, if you own a Dilute Turquoise, ensure that they always have seed and Millet spray in their cages at all times then limit it as a treat as they grow. If fed well and given daily happiness, parrotlets have a lifespan of 15 years and more.

The Dilute Turquoise is a great pet. Not only do they bring life and add color to your home, but they are also great companions and loyal pets known to form lifelong bonds. Ensure you do your homework before you purchase one to ensure you provide the parrot with the best environment and care they need.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Parrotlet Birds Are Loving, Kind and Affectionate Creatures

Anyone who loves pets can testify that Parrotlets are one the best pet birds due to their loving, affectionate and kind in nature. At about five inches in length, these kind of pet birds are very emotional and feisty in nature. One of the major reasons why these birds are most popular pets is because their compact nature in addition to playful personalities. They're very intelligent as well as active and anybody who wants to keep these bird pets should provide them with ample space to play as well as exercise. Although their personalities are similar to the larger parrots, they are very fearless of the larger animals such as dogs and cats. However, it should be considered that they are in danger where there are cats and dogs. In feeding them, one should be very careful given that they usually fear the intrusion of their personal space.

Some of the most common kept bird pets include Mexican; yellow-faced as well as celestial and spectacled parrotlets. These birds are one of the smallest kinds of parrots in the world and they rarely, grow bigger as compared to five inches. Their body stocky and their tail is too short and broad. They have the similar personality as love birds and once tamed they show high levels of affection and love to human beings.

In order investigate their curiosity; it is imperative that one provides them with toys and other similar things. This will also prevent them from being bored in the cage. Furthermore, they mostly need some of the suitable things suitable things to chew then tear apart, they might destroy dishes in cage. Placing the new branches in the cage can also help improving their natural environment. In addition, they need to climb on the branches in order to increase their playful nature.
These birds are also social in nature and they can form very strong bonds with each other. Therefore, they should not be kept in captivity and should be in pairs in the cage. However, if someone cannot afford to keep two or more it is imperative that they spend much of the time with these birds since they are also emotional. Others procedures and practices of keeping these birds active and busy may include adopting foraging.

They also have the ability to learn communication behaviors including same speaking in addition to whistling. Some even go ahead and learn to talk, especially the female ones. They can learn about ten to sixteen words and when exposed to different whistle tunes, they can learn as well. Through proper training as well as behavioral guidance, they can learn new tricky skills such as step down, kiss and jump. However, this requires regular and proper training.

Finally, it is worth noting that Parrotlets are one of the pets that are easier to maintain since they are friendly and affectionate in nature. They are fun having and social in nature as well. However, in some cases, they are difficult to breed since they need regular attention. They are also dimorphic and are one of the smallest bird pets. When feeding them, the owner should include calcium ions, pellet based diet, and fresh fruits. In most cases, they also need a big play space and plenty of toys to keep them busy and active. Thus, anybody who wants to keep a friendly pet should try them.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Everything You Wanted To Know About Turquoise Parrotlets

If you love parrots and either have, or are thinking about buying one as a pet, there are some things you should know, particularly about the Turquoise Parrotlets

The Turquoise Parrotlets carry this name because of the rich, turquoise color of the feathers cover their entire body with the exception of their head. With this color of bird, the top of its head tends to have a green patch feathers, signifying that it is a true Turquoise Parrotlet. Also, as the species of this bird suggests, a parrotlet is a much smaller version of a regular sized parrot. These birds tend to grow only 3 to 5 ? inches tall. These adorable birds are much like their larger counterparts. They love to play and have the tendency to mimic sounds they hear every day. Whether the sounds they mimic are words or tunes, these little birds demonstrate their smart and playful behavior.

Before searching for that companion, it is important to make sure that you can properly take care of your bird. The first thing you require is a cage. If you do not have enough birds or space for an aviary, the recommended cage size is 24 by 18 by inches. This is because your parrotlet needs enough room for it to stretch its wings and move around to play. Another requirement for its enclosure is for the bird to have toys to pay with. A little swing is always a must, but other toys that allow this bird to chew, trim its nails, or encourage its playful behavior is also crucial to keeping your pet happy. While parrotlets are cute, they can also be very territorial. To prevent aggressive behavior, do not include any other birds within your parrotlet’s enclosure. It is also helpful to play with your bird on a daily basis for about fifteen minutes so that you and your pet can build a healthy relationship.

After you are prepared to house your new pet, you also need to ensure that you have the right food that will keep your parrotlet happy and healthy. It is suggested that they eat a combination of seed, pellets, fruits, and vegetables. The seed can be any brand of Cockatiel seed mix. When you feed them, you can give them a mix of about 90% seed and 10% pellets. You can also use Millet spray as a treat. When you feed them fruits or vegetables, make sure that they are cut into small pieces. Keep in mind that any fruits and vegetables you give them should not contain large amounts of sugar or salt. By putting them on this healthy diet, your Turquoise Parrotlet will have a healthy sheen to its feathers. Just make sure that if you are ever going to change their diet, that you do it slowly so they can get used to the change and so that you can be sure that they are still eating.

For the overall health of your Turquoise Parrotlet, be sure to take your pet to an avian veterinarian for its annual checkups. You want to make sure that your bird is always healthy so that it can be a happy companion for next twenty to thirty years.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Buying And Owning Pastel Parrotlets: A Quick Guide

Anybody looking to make the most out of a pet should make sure that they look into pastel parrotlets. These birds are excellent to keep as pets and will allow you to make the most out of the situation and enjoy caring for them and learning all about them as a species. You have a lot to look forward to when owning these birds, as they are so unique and special when compared to a lot of other different types of birds. Any pet owner looking to enjoy one of these birds as a pet should understand that you will not find these type of birds at your local pet store.You will often need to reach out to professional parrotlet breeders online to purchase one of these beauties.

They Look Great And Are In Many Different Colors

One of the biggest perks of pastel parrotlets is that they are so different when it comes to color. You will be able to get your hands on these birds in so many different types of colors, because they come in shades of  turquoise, blue, yellow and green. Anybody that wants to see the variety that they have to offer should search parrotlets for sale online to see just how versatile these pets can be when you own them.

These Birds Can Talk!

When you want to make sure that you are able to get the most out of pet ownership, it does not get much better than owning pastel parrotlets. One of the greatest reasons for this is that these birds can talk. You will be able to put in plenty of time with the bird in order to teach them many different phrases that they can follow along with and learn. This is an excellent opportunity for people to make the most out of their pet ownership and enjoy teaching their new bird a trick or two.

The Birds Are Incredibly Smart

When it comes to taking advantage of pet ownership, it does not get better than having a pet that is highly intelligent. When it comes to these parrotlets, they are excellent and quick learners. People who want to make sure that they are able to get the most out of their pet ownership will enjoy the fact that these birds are great and will allow you to impart a lot of different pieces of information to them. Anybody who wants to take full advantage of this time should also read up on some books and pieces of information that will allow them to get the best guides possible.

Parrotlets Make Great Pets

So if you are looking for an excellent pet, make sure that you reach out to a reputable breeder that will allow you to find a bird that you can enjoy. These parrotlets are excellent companions and actually live for up to 20 years, so you will get a huge return on your money throughout the process. Take full advantage of this by doing all of the research that you need and take matters into your own hands.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Understanding The Genetic Makeup of The Turquoise Pied Parrotlet

Xtreem Parrotlets have been breeding turquoise pied parrotlets for the past 16 years. Whenever you see a turquoise parrotlet, no matter what type, it is probably one of ours. In this article, I attempt to explain more about the genetic of turquoise pied parrotlets. 

The turquoise gene is a dominant gene and is also an incomplete blue gene. The turquoise gene is actually a dominant blue gene which is incomplete. In other words, it is at its half way point in development. 

We also breed several different kinds of turquoise parrotlets. We have developed turquoise pieds with several different colors available to them, meaning they are turquoise with yellow markings, fallow markings, white markings and various shades of turquoise markings throughout the entire bird. To develop such a parrotlet it takes several years. Our turquoise pieds are famous and are in demand around the entire world. We have a huge waiting list literally from people around the world and here in the USA for our turquoise pied parrotlets.

We now have turquoise pieds that are fallow which we have crossbred our multicolored turquoise pied with the fallow. This allows us to further change the color of our turquoise pieds thus giving us a very rare turquoise pied. The fallow gene changes the color patterns even further than we ready have, allowing us to have one of the rarest and exotic parrotlets in the USA today. We are now working on shaded coloring in our turquoise pieds and also the turquoise fallow pied. We now have turquoise pieds as well as turquoise fallow pieds with this new shaded coloring available.

We are now working on turquoise pied shaded parrotlets, we are now incorporating pale and or pastel type coloring into our turquoise pieds, and we are always working on something new whether it be in coloring or breeding techniques or anything that has to do with the health and beauty of our birds.

Geared for our clients here in the US as well as our clients around the world. We are now worldwide, we have done press releases and can be seen on Fox News ABC news NBC news websites and many others. We also have a Facebook page displaying many of our turquoise pied parrotlets, fallow mutation parrotlets, as well as full turquoise and dilute turquoise parrotlets. So check out our Facebook page as well as our Hoobly classifieds, which is another avenue of our extensive advertisement adds online.

The turquoise pied is our cornerstone bird. We put many years into its breeding and we are in its fifth generation. Giving us our pedigree bloodline which is now famous throughout the US and also worldwide. We actually have a worldwide waiting list for our turquoise pied parrotlets. We cannot create enough turquoise pied parrotlets to keep up with our demand. Xtreem Parrotlet breeders take the necessary time that it takes to create a healthy/beautiful, turquoise pied parrotlet. The health of all our parrotlets comes first and for most. We have employed an avian vet who checks out our flock on a regular time schedule to make sure that the health of the entire flock is good. 

We now challenge you to explore our website made exclusively with our clients in mind. For those who are looking for proper diet and nutrition as well as health issues and first-aid for parrotlets this website is a resource tool, also, there are many videos on our turquoise pied parrotlets as well as all of our parrotlets which are fun to look at and informative as well. There is much to learn and much to see there so check it out. 

Thank you for your time spent on the site have a great day!! Billy Xtreem.