Friday, August 5, 2016

Parrotlet Birds Are Loving, Kind and Affectionate Creatures

Anyone who loves pets can testify that Parrotlets are one the best pet birds due to their loving, affectionate and kind in nature. At about five inches in length, these kind of pet birds are very emotional and feisty in nature. One of the major reasons why these birds are most popular pets is because their compact nature in addition to playful personalities. They're very intelligent as well as active and anybody who wants to keep these bird pets should provide them with ample space to play as well as exercise. Although their personalities are similar to the larger parrots, they are very fearless of the larger animals such as dogs and cats. However, it should be considered that they are in danger where there are cats and dogs. In feeding them, one should be very careful given that they usually fear the intrusion of their personal space.

Some of the most common kept bird pets include Mexican; yellow-faced as well as celestial and spectacled parrotlets. These birds are one of the smallest kinds of parrots in the world and they rarely, grow bigger as compared to five inches. Their body stocky and their tail is too short and broad. They have the similar personality as love birds and once tamed they show high levels of affection and love to human beings.

In order investigate their curiosity; it is imperative that one provides them with toys and other similar things. This will also prevent them from being bored in the cage. Furthermore, they mostly need some of the suitable things suitable things to chew then tear apart, they might destroy dishes in cage. Placing the new branches in the cage can also help improving their natural environment. In addition, they need to climb on the branches in order to increase their playful nature.
These birds are also social in nature and they can form very strong bonds with each other. Therefore, they should not be kept in captivity and should be in pairs in the cage. However, if someone cannot afford to keep two or more it is imperative that they spend much of the time with these birds since they are also emotional. Others procedures and practices of keeping these birds active and busy may include adopting foraging.

They also have the ability to learn communication behaviors including same speaking in addition to whistling. Some even go ahead and learn to talk, especially the female ones. They can learn about ten to sixteen words and when exposed to different whistle tunes, they can learn as well. Through proper training as well as behavioral guidance, they can learn new tricky skills such as step down, kiss and jump. However, this requires regular and proper training.

Finally, it is worth noting that Parrotlets are one of the pets that are easier to maintain since they are friendly and affectionate in nature. They are fun having and social in nature as well. However, in some cases, they are difficult to breed since they need regular attention. They are also dimorphic and are one of the smallest bird pets. When feeding them, the owner should include calcium ions, pellet based diet, and fresh fruits. In most cases, they also need a big play space and plenty of toys to keep them busy and active. Thus, anybody who wants to keep a friendly pet should try them.